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Level One
Level One-Easy to see Level One
Hermit Crab


Intertidal Zones
Some parts of the beach are higher than others, and some rocks are higher than others. This means that the water reaches some parts during high tides, but not others; and some parts may be below the water except during minus tides. This creates four zones, or regions of the beaches or rocks that are affected by the water in different ways. We call these intertidal zones.....
Splash Zone

High Tide Zone

Middle Tide Zone

Low Tide Zone

Level 2
Level 2
Level 2
Shore Crab
Level 2
Level 3
Level 3

Coralline Algae


Goose-necked barnacle
Level 4
Level 4
Level 4
Sea urchin
Sea fingers
Sand castle worm
Wavy top Turban shell
Level 5
Level 6
Level 6
Brittle Star
Bat Star
Information has been gathered principally from Life Between the Tides by Jeffrey Brandon & Frank Rokop. Some of the images used here were scanned from the Tidepool pamphlet produced by the Crystal Cove Alliance. Thank you .  

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